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"Blood Is Thicker Than The Mud"
The New Book By Vet Stone

From the cotton fields of Denton, Texas, drenched in the Holy Ghost rhythms of the Church Of God In Christ, Sly Stone conquered the world of pop before his own excesses brought him down. 

Before they died, Sly’s parents charged their youngest daughter with the task of restoring her brother’s musical persona to the world.  This is the story of how Vet Stone, pressing past obstacles of deceit, mutiny and subversive characters that obscured the original vision,  returned Sly to the stage in 2007.



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The Inside Story...Finally Told

Packed with insights never before heard in public as well as photos no one outside of the Family Stone has ever seen, this is a unique glimpse into the true world of Sly Stone, as only his own sister could tell it.


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